So 24 things is going a bit slowly. Most of the things have been somewhat uninspiring if I’m honest. I guess because my specific situation means I’m not exactly an academic librarian, just a casual, I don’t see the tasks relating to each thing as particularly relevant to my primary role, as librarian in a government agency.

Anyway, a new ‘thing’ I’ve discovered through work is Udemy. I’ve started working through a Python course we purchased at work as part of a stacksocial bundle. It’s really good so far. I’ve done a few online programming courses through CodeAcademy and W3Schools that have been good, but it always feels a little theorhetical. This course is different in that it goes from basic Python programming right through to building a database driven website using Django, and even some SQL along the way.

As an aside I’ve always ignored SQL but turns out I think it’s something I, and librarians in general, would be really into – it’s basically advanced boolean searching from what I can tell. The W3Schools SQL course is a good place to get an overview.