If you use a Mac you should definitely have a look at installing Homebrew. It’s a great way to install and manage additional applications in a safe and self-contained way.

Once Homebrew is installed and running it’s a very good idea to keep it up to date. Here’s a list of useful basic commands to do just that.

  • brew update - this updates Homebrew itself, do this before doing anything else with Homebrew.
  • brew doctor - this is homebrew’s self-diagnostics tool. It will tell you if anything is wring with your Homebrew install. Do this after running brew update.
  • brew list - shows all the packages you have installed.
  • brew outdated - shows any packages you have installed that are not the newest version available.
  • brew upgrade - install latest versions of all outdated packages.
  • brew upgrade <package_name> - upgrade a specific out of date package.
  • brew pin <package_name> - prevent a particular package from being upgraded when you run brew upgrade.
  • brew unpin <package_name> - remove pinned package from being protected from brew upgrade.