I’ve had one. In an awesome way. I feel like the lid has blown open on Pandora’s box again, or that I’m going down the rabbit hole a little bit further. This is good!

It started with me discovering Library Carpentry. Perhaps naively, I didn’t know there were library folks out there who were actively interested in the stuff I’m interested in. Better still, I learned several of these folks are based in Brisbane where I live.

Then, on Wednesday, I presented at the ALIA Queensland miniconference. This was a really great event. The best library thing I’ve been to in ages! The focus was very much true to the theme of hacking your library. Lots of talk about open data and using various online tools, like Slack, Pivotal Tracker, and Construct 2, to build a ‘future library’.

I even got to meet Belinda Weaver who is heading up Library Carpentry in Australia and have much more of a chat about how I might get involved.

As a result of this week, my goals for the next little while are set. If I haven’t done some of these in 12 months time I’m going to have to have a good chat to myself:

  1. Get more involved with Library Carpentry — I put out an EOI to the AliaLLQ group to run some of the lessons for Queensland law librarians and the response was great, so that will be happening in the new year.
  2. Work though some of the lesson on Programming Historian — I’ve done the sustainable authorship one already. Pandocs = awesome!
  3. Learn some:
    • R
    • Pandas
    • Jekyll
  4. Get my head around SQLAlchemy and TinyDB some more
  5. Finish working through the Flask book
  6. Go to the PyBris meetup
  7. Go to the 2017 PyCon AU

So, thank you ALIA Qld and Library Carpentry, you’ve woken my up!