Hi. I’m Richard Vankoningsveld, a law librarian from Brisbane Australia.

This is my blog. I’ve blogged in a few places over the years, and on different subjects. This blog amalgamates some of that old blog content, along with Medium posts I’ve written.

I am a hobbiest coder who dabbles in web development and data analysis. I think I’m fairly proficient in writing HTML and CSS now, and I have some JavaScript and jQuery knowledge, although my main focus is currently Python.

I mostly blog about the stuff I’ve learned, things I’ve built, and how I set up my coding environment. You might find a bit of library stuff here too.

When I’m not writing or working or doing the family thing, I also help run the Australian Law Librarians’ Association. You might also find me at a BrisPy meetup, or helping out with the Library Carpentry community.

I’ve titled all my blogs/websites for the last little while Pitt Street Press. The reason is somewhat complicated. One day I hop it will all become clear.

This blog is built with Jekyll (although one day I’d like to convert it to use Pelican) and a customised version of the Type Theme. It’s hosted on GitHub Pages.